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Requirement: An entrepreneur from USA wants launch a Fashion clothing E-commerce with full support in Chain Supply Management from China.

Solution: We offered full support in digital and logistic needs.

  • 1) Digital support: Dedicated web hosting with 24/7 technical support, domain registration, e-commerce store setup, web design, english translations, content marketing, digital marketing tips.
  • 2) Supply Chain: product searching, private online showroom for order process, supplier verifications, warehouse support, shipping and export solutions from China.

Requirement: A company in China with more than 20 years of experience in Foreign Trade want change its Corporate Image positioning for LatinAmerica market

Solution: We created 5 corporate programs:

  • 1) Public Relations for Top Managers: public speaking techniques, speech writing, visual imagen advise, interpersonal communications skills, corporate coaching, and personal branding tips.
  • 2) Corporate Branding: new corporate brand, branding design guidelines, design manual, graphic design.
  • 3) Social Media: Corporate profile creations in Social media, editorial calendar, copywriting, image and video edition, content creation, etc.
  • 4) User Digital Experience: Web site development, content marketing, social media, SEO strategy, etc.
  • 5) Digital Advertisting: Google Ads Campaing, Facebook and Instagram Ads

Requirement: A Research lab require to organise and promote a Seminar about the New Law for Salmon industry in Chile. The event started from an idea to a full development to target speakers, government authorities, sponsors and business people

Solution: We developed a Public Relations and Digital Marketing Program synchronized with a specific calendar to achieve all goals of the client. This program was based in 6 principles:

  • 1) Logistic and suppliers relationship: Event location, hotel reservation and transportation for guests, caterings services, print services, security and details to organise the activity with human resources and element to get a positive experience for all attendents.
  • 2) Online and Offline Commmunication channels: Invitation coordination, RSVP mailing, web site development, email marketing and all comunications developed under a Branding and Content Guideline for the event.
  • 3) Sponsoring: Sponsoring manual, sales email and B2B presentation to get sponsors
  • 4) Media Relations: Press release writing and distribution, press coverage opportunities for local broadcasting radio, print and digital media, press articles writing and distribution.
  • 5) Advertising: Ads design for local newspaper and specialized media, writing and creative strategy.
  1. 6) Merchandising Support: Design, production and supplier relations for POP materials and corporate gifts.

Requirement: An Outdoor, Hunting and Fishing products company need a corporate presentation about the argentine market for the Victorinox Annual Meeting in Switzerland to keep the official distribution of the brand and motivate to audience about the present and future sales growing of the product line in the country.

Solution: We planned 2 experiences based on interpersonal actions with top management and audience persuasion.

  • 1) Top management: We create a corporate dossier with market analysis, corporate brochure and corporate gifts with the brand related with local market, we advised about argument techniques and interpersonal communication skills.
  • 2) Audience persuasion: We create a visual presentation, speech writing and public speaking techniques for main speaker.

Requirement: A mayoral candidate requires a presentation to make their views, proposals, and ability to take office known.

Solution: We coached him about personal branding, online communication and interpersonal communication skills.

  • 1) Personal Branding: We selected identity visual kit, key messages to spread out, photography production and personal image tips.
  • 2) Online Communication: We created a web site to introduce the proposal and promote an online meeting point to download and get information about our client.
  • 3) Communication Skills: We worked on one to one communication to be effective in persuasion skills and personal branding positioting. elements for public speaking in small group, informal gathering and public exposure.

Requirement: A Client from Southamerica need a warehouse to collect purcharse orders from suppliers across China,  reception traking, QC, Export services and Shipping for Full Containers.

Solution:  We provide Warehouse services in Zhejiang province, supplier relations and Chain Supply management from China.

  • 1) We define a B2B Wareouse to receive goods in Yiwu city, Zhejiang province China. A strategic global location for distribution, reception and logistic with Ningbo port.
  • 2) We define a Reception Chief for all local supplier communication and Supply Chain manager to work with any conflict resolutions, transportation, shipping timming and client communication.
  • 3) We also work together with chinese custom proffesionals to manage China Custom, Export documentations and Shipping management.

Requirement: An non-profit organization wants promote their points of view in the congress, public opinion and stakeholders.
Solution: We work in Corporate Communication aspects and leadership skills for the top management.

  • 1) Corporate Communication: We designed a new Visual Identity concept and official communications channels. This included: Web site development, stationaries, wallpapers, banners and corporate writing.
  • 2) Leadership Skills: We develop a training workshop about Lobbying strategies, public image campaings and press relations.

Requirement: An enterpreuner want develop a public conference in Santiago City, Chile about meditation and spirituality.

Solution: We find a strategic place to promote the conference with a high promotion and public notoriety. Develop a PR campaign using publicity and networking strategy.

  • 1) Conference: We selected a strategic location in the heart of Providencia. Providencia is home to a large upper middle to upper-class population and it holds the region's highest percentage of population over 60 (22%). It contains many high-rise apartment buildings as well as a significant portion of Santiago's commerce. It is notable for its large, old and elegant houses inhabited in the past by the Santiago elite and now mostly used as offices. The municipality is also home to many embassies, including those of Canada, Poland, Hungary, Italy, France, Egypt, Russia, Japan, China, and Uruguay.
  • 2) Public relations: We got the Municipality sponsoring to host the event, get support for posters, flyers, POP materials and catering, and media ads. We wrote and distribute press release for local radios, digital media and influencers related with wellness, meditation, yoga and work-life balance programs.

Requirement: A Holding Group from Hong Hong want start to run its first HQ in Buenos Aires city with full facilities, corporate communications channels and support for human resources area.
Solution: We developed a comprehensive program coordinated with top management

  • 1) Facilities workers supervision for building remodeling, construction process and so on.
  • 2) Purcharsing area management for all stationery and office suppliers.
  • 3) We supervised corporate comunications channels: brochures, business card and each graphic communication elements.
  • 4) We assisted foreign staff with local Corporate Agenda, B2B business, Job interviews for local staff, general administration requirements.
  • 5) Our support also offered VIP relationship for wellness needs of the top managers and personal requirement for work-life balance in the country.
  • 6) Staff contract and management supervision for legal, accounting, translations, sales and general issues administration.

Requirement: A middle-size company want educate its own staff in digital marketing techniques and ecommerce maintenance.

Solution: We create a online and offline education program based in intensive workshop in house and e-learning platform development.

  • 1) Workshop in house: our objective was to develop competencies oriented to the specific needs of the client. Included: SEO-SEM strategy understanding for web positioning, social media marketing and online branding introduction.
  • 2) E-learning platform: We setup e-learning website based on wordpress. We develop educative content with reading, podcast and video materials. We trained to student, moderators and administrator about uses platform.